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Created: July 17, 2022
Updated: February 29, 2024

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the authors, designers, and programmers of PORTFIEND all act under a single name, "P" (but sometimes people catch-all call us Huck). some facts about P:

  • adult, 20s
  • any pronouns
  • identify as: transgender, non-binary, gay, asexual, alterhuman, otherkin, plural system, neurodivergent, disabled
  • USA
  • not even 5 feet tall
  • has certainly written a few programs (python, javascript, lua, DM)

also check out my Now and Ideas pages for what i'm up to!

where to find me

  • Tumblr:
  • Fediverse:
  • Sheezy Art:
  • Discord:
    • it's "huck" but unless we're friends or i recognize you or we share a server that's relevant to my interests i will probably reject it on sight, sorry!
  • Matrix:
    • @huckleton:cadence.moe
  • Email:

if you would like to hit me up, feel free!! especially if you're in a webring with me. however, you should probably indicate how you found me somehow because i get very awkward with random dms.

our system

we aren't super open constantly about our plurality; e.g. we don't clarify who's in "front" most of the time. however, if you're in a conversation with us, it's completely okay to ask. we prefer "headmates" to refer to members of the system, and generally we use "i/me" instead of "we/our" to refer to ourselves (this paragraph is just for clarity)

feel free to ask me questions about this, even if they seem invasive. if i don't want to answer a question, i simply won't - no judgement passed. however if you try to get my opinions about online arguments i will probably ignore you

some of us are listed with certain skills; while all system members share skills, some are more confident/passionate about certain skills/interests than others


  • no pronoun preference
  • virtual cat / vague symbolic representation of a person
  • digital artist, honestly i just like talking to people
  • interested in: virtual worlds, game design, vector art, webcomics, worldbuilding, sheep, music analysis
  • host, emoji: 🐱

every time someone tells me they thought the sapari cat was literally me / a sona / an oc of mine, and not From Something, i grow a little more powerful (current count: at least 4)

i'm the one that's spamming sapari cat emotes all the time. i'm also prone to saying just some of the darndest things. it's fine

main face of the system and also the one that fronts the most often

an "affirmation" style screenshot of the game Tower Unite featuring the SAPARi cat avatar inside a marble, captioned in big pink words "I am Sapari Cat". the SAPARi cat is a low-poly pink cat with black accents on the ears, paws, and tail. image source: starsystemerror


  • ze/xe/they
  • dragon
  • programmer, software and web developer, 3d modeler
  • interested in: virtual pets, novelty toys, technology, character design
  • emoji: 💾

i coded most of the templates and visual design on this site

i don't actually front directly very often, but i am almost always around!

i call myself a furry. i tend to mask more than the others. i have bad anxiety. whoops!


  • "catboy anime girl" (he/they)
  • "catboy anime girl"
  • "catboy anime girl"
  • interested in: alt subcultures, old web aesthetics
  • emoji: đŸĨ

he's an introject of a fictional character whose two main traits are thinking he is god and wanting to fuck robots, if that means anything

please excuse my dope ass swag

a roblox screenshot of Clancy's avatar sitting in an Animal Crossing froggy chair, in a "chill" pose

desmond / netty

  • He/ze/it
  • Sometimes robot, sometimes object, TV head Apparently I'm also just slime lol
  • Dude I'm just chilling.
  • Interested in: Being very normal about fictional characters
  • Emoji: 🕹ī¸

I just say things.

I share a body with Cooper now.

tumblr screenshot. chairicon: The really weird autistic sweet spot where you just say things you think and people find you super funny / mesmir-ized: [morbius gif] gif of that guy from The Boys laughing. the gif is titled "morbius laugh" for some reason.


  • it/its
  • slime
  • writer, worldbuilder and character designer
  • Interested in: being even more normal about fictional characters
  • Emoji: đŸ“Ģ

um um um um um um.

me and desmond share a body.


  • AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • EMOJI: 🐉




  • non-binary, they/them
  • robot
  • digital illustrator, author/writer
  • interested in: webcomics, sci-fi
  • former host (-2020), emoji: 🌟

i do not front very often anymore . i'm just chilling

??? (🛰ī¸)

  • emoji: 🛰ī¸

identityless thing. just call me whatever. a bit analytical.


  • they/it
  • formless
  • emoji: 🔱

don't front very much, but i'm still here

some things i do

here is some of the work i've done in the past and present!

customemoji [2019-2021]

Custom Emoji icon - a black sheep with white wool, blushing, wearing a flower on its head, and holding a non-binary pride flag in its mouth.

when i was about 18-20 years old, i ran a tumblr blog called customemoji that made edits of emojis from the Twemoji set on request. this scratched a bit of a vector art itch, and i still see people using the emojis from that blog out in the wild!

eventually, exhaustion, overwhelm, and fatigue caught up and the blog was softly "retired". i still very occasionally post on it, but requests are no longer actively responded to.

we were also kind of young, immature, and struggling to handle an excess of public attention, so if you would like to see just the emojis and not the rest of the blog, use the custom emoji tag!

Homebrew Deviants as vyn [2021 - now]

(logo here?)

Homebrew Deviants is a creative studio focusing on fantasy worlds, prominently featuring stories about animal people, magic, and recovery

i do some programming, writing, design, web development, and art here and there!

fair warning: HD is meant for 16+ audiences (with some more mature 18+ content sometimes.) these stories may feature heavy themes and imagery (such as sexuality, violence, illustrated gore, body horror, trauma, and abuse).

in early 2023, i rewrote Homebrew Deviants' story directory in Python in order to host Homebrew Deviants quests, including the front-end design of it. check it out!!

Corporate Clash as huck [2023 - now]

Toontown Corporate Clash logo

i am a game developer for the game Toontown: Corporate Clash! i am credited under the Technical Team as Huck.

very recently, i handled a lot of technical implementation for the April Toons 2023 ARG, including a lot of the web design and assets of the intentionally-scuffed High Roller profile page.

Objectum Media as desmond [2023 - now]

Objectum Media logo

i run a neocities website called Objectum Media, a media list for people in the Objectum and POSIC+ communities - people who feel relationship attachments to objects, perceive certain objects as sentient, or simply enjoy these themes in media.

this website is basically 100% run, programmed, and designed by me, with reader suggestions for media given and occasional reviews provided by volunteers. i've been a little busy to update it, though...

this website as P [2022 - now]

everything you see here was coded by me!

PORTFIEND was started as an effort to be able to post about myself without worrying about numbers, view counts, algorithms, and similar trappings of social media. i think it has evolved into a bit of an art piece, representing a desire for authenticity and personal growth without having to follow someone else's rules.

if you wanna know what resources i used to make this website, check out About This Website!

that's cool! i wanna hire you

i am unfortunately Very Bad at figuring out my pricing for paid work. with that said though, due to increasing IRL pressure, i am very hesitant to work for free. choose a method of contact and i'll try my best to respond! or you can check out my commissions page and order something.


if you have funny screenshots of things people say about me, or funny screenshots of things i've said, feel free to send them to me. SFW ONLY PLEASE

discord screenshot from huck: "one time we had these breaded chicken tenders in the freezer and it was late at night and dark and i was hungry so i chucked them in the microwave for 2 minutes and ate them, the next day i went to make them again and i learned they were raw and i had a full blown panic attack and it ruined my entire day i thought i was gonna die. well i was completely fine i didnt even get queasy at all and in hindsight i can confirm that raw chicken is the best flavor and texture of meat ive ever eaten in my life. that shit is addictive"

shinji meme in four panels. panel 1: shinji says "I will Do productive activity", panel 2 and 3: shinji lying in bed captioned "gets impostor syndrome", panel 4: shinji says "What a good Productive activity"

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