Created: February 29, 2024
Updated: February 29, 2024

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this page was inspired by the website about ideas now, a site where you can find other "about", "ideas", and "now" pages on independent websites.

an ideas page tells people what you want to do.

Hobbies and Media

  • make music. probably electronic but if i can get a rock/emo sort of sound that would be nice too.
  • publish a story.
  • get into these music genres: D&B and its subgenres (breakbeat, rave, jungle, etc.) trance. techno. more emo and post-hardcore music. house. vocaloids.
  • learn to sew. i want to make plushies and/or clothing.
  • learn to digital paint.
  • learn to rig and texture 3D models properly.

Software / programming / web dev

  • text utility
  • timer and calendar app that is just intrusive enough to keep you focused
  • a virtual pet website that edits and recolors SVG files to create its pet images

Game development

  • procedural animation-based "Raise a pet" game. like if wobbledogs was somehow more fucked up.
  • a roblox office job roleplay where the details of the company you work for are irrelevant at best. it's about doing paperwork and stamping paperwork and replacing the printer ink cartridge and drinking coffee and talking about mergers.
  • a game where you are completely alone in a sentient mall.
  • 5x5x5 and its prequel 3x3x3, a game where you explore different self-contained environments and try to make it to the center.
  • roblox game akin to people playground / interactive buddy / other physics-based violent sandbox games.


spawo is my personal character worldbuilding project set a few centuries in the future in space. not much has changed compared to our modern day way of living, except for the advent of maybe the most overrated technology of all time: interstellar space travel.

  • i want to make the website, a forum board and gallery for tech enthusiasts to hang out on but also is the main "distribution hub" of SPAWO works.
  • a fictional magazine centered around android culture, including such topics as DIY, bodily autonomy, personhood, identity, corporate exploitation, and body modding.
  • a game about my guy Simon Aalders, survival horror, survive ten days in a spaceship while monsters arrive out of nowhere trying to kill you.
  • a robot dating app.
  • something that involves a fake operating system, like hypnospace outlaw or Secret Little Haven.
  • design a shitton of robots.

Short stories

  • a girl who talks to a car she has to scrap for parts.
  • simon aalders gets suspected for murder and has to leave the planet, losing everything he has in the process.
  • a bunch of birds get into crazy system drama.
  • a guy who goes on a date with his internal narrative.
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