airport theme has arrived!

Created: May 10, 2023
Updated: May 10, 2023

in just a couple days, the airport theme i promised has landed. it did not take very long, one key benefit of minimalism i guess. have a look around!

there are still a lot of things i need to do.

  • there's a bunch of content pages that i feel are a little cringe and they need updating to be not cringe.
  • the about page is woefully outdated. i would like to elaborate more on the various names i use.
  • i would like a "projects" page where i post things i finish / contribute to.
  • i would like to update the "weblog" and "resources" pages to a more traditional "post list" view rather than just... lists
  • portfiend needs a logo somewhere on the page.
  • SPAWO has a wiki. it is not public. it should be made public at some point.

but it's better to work in small increments like this i think, committing something incomplete rather than never publishing it at all. the rest will fall into place in due time

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