minor theme update

Created: December 11, 2023
Updated: December 11, 2023

i was getting tired of looking at it. #LOL

what changed

  • background is a gradient instead of upscaled pixel art
  • there's other gradients
  • the "recent updates" section looks more like those LED matrix signs at the airports

what next

  • rss feeds, what they are and how to add them to your site
  • webmastery, what you need to own your own website
  • a guide of web identifiers and resource lists for them
    • 88x31 buttons, userboxes, 200x40 banners, badges, pixel cliques, stamps, etc.

more projects:

  • themes for my OC directory template
    • i'm already using one for my personal OC site; "book", a theme inspired by mediawiki's old "monobook" theme!
  • vector-based virtual pets using CSS classes
    • these should come with an interactive website-embeddable widget

goals for next year

for one, i REALLY need a job. the pressure has been slowly mounting but i have little employable experience or motivation. i can't attend college for various disability and mental health-related reasons, and it's pretty damn hard to find jobs related to my skills (programming or *shudders* art) without a college degree. these same reasons make it hard if not impossible to get an in-person job, which is really lame. to be honest i'm not sure where to begin with this, and i WILL need a job by next year, maybe even six months from now

something i'm considering is some sort of patron subscription or donation system related to sharing website themes and templates. i don't want to make things that cost money to use, but i could REALLY use any sort of income whatsoever.

i would like to get more of my friends to make their own websites. i'm considering putting together a webring for my friends so you guys can check out their sites.

bring this website to a more presentable state.

make a 200x40 banner for this site and maybe that OC directory template.

one last thing...

i'm adding comments to my website at last!!!!!! i've been trying to figure out how to communicate with my readers, i'm not a fan of random discord messages, but the guestbook is a little clunky. give it a go!

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