Random thoughts and plans

Created: February 11, 2023
Updated: February 11, 2023

Now that my site has been revamped massively in some way for the third time, I'm going to pour my thoughts out about what I want to do with the website.

The site theme

I like the Hypercard theming, but the background dither has to go. It's borderline strobey at times. I'm doing that right now.

Secondly, I think I'm gonna center the theme a little more. Putting it off to the side is annoying me a bit. I'm doing that eventually.*

Thirdly, I need to do the mobile theme. That comes even later.

Fourthly, I might want to redo the theme entirely? While I love the "old MACOS" aesthetic, the grayscale isn't really fitting for me, I think. I would like a more colorful theme and the hypercard thing is sort of holding me back here. I might also make it a more open theme instead of being such a tight container theme.

I might give different sections of the site individual themes, like the blog theme being more blog-like in appearance.

The site content

I would like to get into the habit of writing down SPAWO lore instead of sitting around waiting for it to be written. I have some templates I've been putting together for organizing character lore, and it's been awesome working with my friend Pavizi on that.

I would also like to use my blog a little more, especially making resources.

I might drop the full grammar thing because this is actively straining to write for extended periods of time, especially since my keyboard is breaking pretty terribly. I would love to avoid typos too, but I might have to compromise. In the future you might see my unfiltered thoughts typos and all.

I might add a Gallery section for my art. I rarely make complete things, but it would be good for archival.

I would like to set up a portfolio of my creative and tech works too. IRL pressure is mounting on me steadily and I will NEED to get a job. Ideally I would like a tech-related job, but in the meantime I would also like to do art commissions on the side, and I would like to have examples ready for those.

The Blog section needs a lot of spice, I think. I might add a comment section and/or a shoutbox to the site somewhere, and maybe the ability to add polls. They added polls to Tumblr recently and they are so good.

Some contact information. I would like a way to talk to readers.


I would like this place to be presentable. There are a lot of places I don't feel comfortable linking my site to directly and proudly claiming it as mine.

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