Demystifying scary and complex shit

Created: July 19, 2022
Updated: July 19, 2022

A.K.A. "Can we please talk about What It's Like more"

I had this thought the other day. There's a lot of things I'm afraid to start. Not because I don't know how, but because I don't know what it's like. Do I need this thing? Are there risks that no one is talking about? Is it difficult to use this? What are the chances I'll regret starting this thing?

I had this feeling for air fryers. Clearly I didn't own an air fryer. I looked at the back of a bag of frozen food and saw "Air Fryer Reheating Instructions: This food is awesome when air fried. Consult your air fryer's instructions for use."


I probably could've looked up HOW TO USE AN AIR FRYER, and I did just now and saw there's actually results! I'm really grateful for that.

There's still a lot of things I have this feeling of fear of the unknown towards. Let me let you in on a secret - my life situation doesn't allow me to leave the house very often or go very far. So these unknowns I fear are mainly basic adult things. Taxes. Credit cards. Driving. Getting a job. I've had one job that lasted three days, and I wasn't the one that signed myself up for it.

Are taxes hard? Why does it cause people so much stress? Does it feel weighty to have to pay taxes? Under what circumstances will I have to do taxes?

I took a personal finance college class, so I kind of know why a credit card is useful. Is it difficult to use? Can you ruin your life by being forgetful with a credit card?

I'm a decent programmer. Am I good enough to get a job in programming? How good do I have to be to be good enough?

These things cause me a lot of anxiety and even my adult friends tend to not have the answers. I hate the feeling of being so helpless. The people who are best at this stuff, I think, never really talk about it unless they have something to gain from it, some ulterior motive besides the simple desire of helping others. Because to them and their peer groups, this stuff is probably second nature to them.

I think someone who uses an air fryer every day of their life probably doesn't imagine a world where people are afraid of air fryers. I don't blame them. But it kinda sucks for the rest of us. So I wanna talk about what it's like to do this stuff that I used to be afraid of, but come second nature to me now.

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