SPAWO (Space Worldbuilding)

Created: July 19, 2022
Updated: July 19, 2022

Under construction

For a couple years, I've been chipping away at an as-of-yet-unnamed sci-fi worldbuild that I've assigned the placeholder name Space World, or SPAWO. (If I ever released a project under this universe, I'll probably name it after the project. Or I could call it the T4T universe.)

SPAWO is basically a big cauldron of thoughts and ideas filed under the same universe - dozens of individual, unconnected stories spread across the vastness of space. There's common themes, but I don't really want SPAWO to be about themes. I'd rather focus on the interactions between characters and the many individual stories.

Unfortunately, I am REALLY bad at committing to solo-writing a story - doing so leaves wide-open holes in about 50-80% of the story. I kind of require someone else to bounce ideas off of, or at least hold me accountable. So for the time being, I don't see any of these projects ideas to fruition anytime soon... so I Really need to find co-writers.

I would like to turn all of the list items below into links at some point.


  • Major themes and ideas
  • Magic, the paranormal, and isolation
  • Humans, aliens, robots, and furries
  • "Tech for Troglodytes" and galactic internet culture
  • Body modding and otherkin culture
  • Object sapience
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Robot dreams

Established Inhabitants


All uncapitalized names are placeholder or currently unnamed.

  • Alboka
  • Clyde
  • Coda + his three subprocesses
  • Condor (permadeath)
  • Coulomb (conductors)
  • Curt (complove)
  • Honeysett
  • Iridium "Riddy" Hostage
  • Lodie
  • Muse (conductors)
  • Pez
  • Programmer (LABRAT@t4t)
  • "Rob" (SeaRob@t4t, admin)
  • Shrike
  • Simon Aalders (permadeath)
  • Tarogato
  • Usagi
  • Zghizzy
Unnnamed characters (big list)
  • various enemies (permadeath)
  • player (mystery)
  • ship ai (mystery)
  • the captain (mystery)
  • the engineer (mystery)
  • game cartridge (rpg)
  • protagonist (complove)
  • the other 8 computers (complove)
  • the friends (32hr)
  • simon's friend (terror path)
  • simon's friend's friend (terror path)
  • protagonist (godless machines)
  • partner (godless machines)
  • boss (godless machines)
  • antagonist (godless machines)
  • engineer (memoir)
  • engineer's friend (memoir)
  • engineer's professor (memoir)
  • the 3-person band (rockstars)
  • the group of robots (conductors)
  • the musician (robogod)
  • the tourists (robogod)
  • human (devil)
  • robot (devil)
  • alien (devil)
  • furry (devil)


  • Acrem
    • Wildet
  • A lot of unnamed planets see the project drafts below


  • Humans
  • Robots
  • Anthros
  • Unnamed mammalian alien species


  • (T4T)
    • the DataDump Archival Project
    • SeaRob's Stream (SRS)
  • Porthole and Starboard operating systems
  • Space Beasts

Project Drafts

Tech Shit

Video Games / Interactive Fiction

  • Unnamed permadeath survival horror game
    • a fateful Simon Aalders takes to the stars to escape the horrible living conditions of his home planet. unfortunately for him, space is full of shit very intent on killing him.
  • Unnamed mystery puzzle adventure game
    • you board a spaceship and go into stasis for the journey, only to wake up to the entire crew dead save for the ship's AI, and the ship itself unable to move. the AI, only able to speak in voice clips of the late crew, wants to help you dislodge the ship's current predicament. but can you bring yourself to trust in them like that?
  • Unnamed RPG
    • you uncover an old game cartridge from your closet, never played. when you boot it up, it seems to have a mind of its own.
  • COMPUTERLOVE (dating simulator)
    • a data entry specialist finds themselves in love with the collection of computers they alternate bringing to work, and discovers they seem to return the sentiment...

Writing / Webcomics

  • "The 32nd Hour"
    • a group of friends on a planet that is planned to be destroyed in thirty-two hours reflect on mortality and love and life.
  • Terror Path
    • [details redacted]
  • Heaven for Godless Machines
    • a bounty hunter-turned-spaceship AI goes back to their home planet with their husband to take care of one last job - eliminate their former boss. only their ex-best friend stands in the way.
  • Unnamed memoir
    • depicted as biographical/a memoir of a software engineer/medical student, who revolutionized body modding technology by creating a visual interface for nanite programming. they dedicate this breakthrough to their friend who wanted to give themselves various cat-like body parts but couldn't find anyone skilled enough to do the job.
  • Unnamed rockstar story
    • a world-famous band decide to put themselves into stasis for a hundred years. once they wake up they find their planet has progressed to space travel and their old brand taken to its extremes by their agents. their goal is to get ahold of every single piece of "official" media licensed under their name.
  • Unnamed robot story
    • a group of robots land on a hazardous planet and have no choice but to rip out almost all of their internal machinery or risk death, including their permanent memory. they seek to capture or kill the two Conductors of the planet - Muse and Coulomb - who are thought to use their colossal power to drive the planet's fauna mad.
  • Unnamed number how-many-are-we-at-now
    • on some secluded planet a galaxy-famous mechanical musician has made their home with a following of devoted, obsessive fans. years later a group of tourists visit the planet and find that everything has gone to total shit, the musician having crowned themselves God of Robots to a rigid society of control and superiority.
  • Unnamed demon-summoning story
    • super incomplete idea. four friends on a road trip. one dies in a freak accident on the trip. the others resort to a phone app promising resurrection at the nearest gas stop. the friend is successfully revived but claims to be possessed and demands blood. the friends don't really want to sacrifice blood though so they look for an alternative.
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