Changelog: webrings, buttons, big upcoming news

Created: February 16, 2023
Updated: February 16, 2023

ive added a bunch of buttons to my front page. i also joined a couple of webrings - Hotline Webring and Autists Online!

upcoming: new website theme

ive gotten a bit tired of the Hypercard theme, i will be honest. so im changing my theme! the new site theme will be themed after 90s CGI renders. here is a screenshot:

A screenshot of PORTFIEND's future "blog" directory. There are multiple containers in the sidebars, each hosting different content such as navigation, website buttons, webrings, fun facts, and a "recently updated pages" section. The blog directory shows short previews of each blog post in recently-created order. The background of the site consists of a 3D checkerboard floor fading off into the horizon. Gifs and bright-colored borders decorate the main content and sidebar content containers.

ive been working at it for a few days and im not sure when itll release. but content updates might be put on hold until its finished

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